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Adv. Ramesh Tripathi

A qualified legal professional having obtained his law degree from Lucknow University. He has a work experience of over 16 years in the field. His span of experience serves as a platform for the persistence and attention that produces successful results and satisfied clients.

He is recognized as a formidable advocate by prosecutors, court staff and even by opposing counsel. He is a practising lawyer in almost every field like labour matters, industrial court matters, family laws, winding up petitions, arbitrations, various criminal matters etc.


Adv. Ramesh Tripathi has achieved many acknowledgements in his life. He has always been active in his social and poilitical lige also besides his professional life.

Founder Chairman of Navi Mumbai Educational and Charitable Trust ( NECT)

The trust has adopted 25 orphan kids in and around Navi Mumbai taking care of their entire Lifetime educational expenses.

AshokPushp Puraskhar

Was honored with "AshokPushp Puraskhar" (Sewaratna) for Social Services in Navi Mumbai Region.

Samna Newspaper

Appointed as Journalist in "Samna", a leading newspaper published by Shiv Sena in the year 2002- 2004.


Through this the most important issues dealt with tenancy, small-scale businessmen and the resident of Navi Mumbai and Mumbai are taken care of and resolved with high priority.

Manas Prayas Award

Received Tulsi Manas Panchtattva award 2016

Excellence in Service Award

Excellence in Service Award in recognition of outstanding achievement & service excellence throughout (2012-2013)

Media Intelligence Network Award

Awarded for excellence in Media Intelligence Network Recognised by Government of India(CBC)


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